When Josh Mabry was 12, he “bought” his first property. His early love for woodworking was obvious to his family – and they decided to help him purchase an old farmhouse so he could put his carpentry skills to work.

Side by side, Josh and his father remodeled and eventually sold the farmhouse – and Josh became hooked.

Six years later, he bought a home of his very own: a duplex. He lived in one half and rented out the other, making him a landlord for the first time. He enjoyed that experience, too, and decided it was time to turn these passions into a lifelong career.

Today, Josh – along with his wife, Courtney, and twins Olivia and Owen – owns Princeton Construction and rental property firm JCOO Properties (which is named after each member of the family).

With several quality residential and commercial properties currently under ownership and management, JCOO takes pride in forming long-term relationships with tenants. Once someone moves into a JCOO-owned building, they always want to stay. Why? Because of our dedication to our work, the responsiveness of our people, and the types of properties we offer.

There are exciting plans in the works for JCOO, as we develop four acres on the outskirts of Princeton, IL, and construct commercial buildings to provide local businesses with more location options.

If you’re looking for a property in the Princeton area, give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to help!